Monday, July 28, 2014

How To Make Sure You Don't Lose It

Just because you might experience difficulty remembering names, birthdates, or even your website passwords it doesn't necessary follow that you're 'losing it'.Worrying about losing it is a waste of time and energy: if worrying worked everyone would be doing it.Researchers will tell you that there isn't just one thing people can do to prevent memory loss. We know that older people who exercise, eat healthy, and participate in brain-training activities are less likely to develop memory loss than the 'couch potato'.Regular exercise provides muscle strengthening as well as a cardio component for overall blood flow and oxygenation. And eating the right healthy foods is good, as is avoiding brain-draining foods like those that have been deep fried. We know also, that learning to play and practising a musical instrument is excellent for cognitive exercise. And, even if learning to play a musical instrument is a bit mentally challenging, you can do something like reading this article upside down and increasing the amount you've mastered on each attempt. Or games like Bridge and Chess can be guaranteed to get the mental juices going. The choices are endless.

When it comes to training your brain, the director of science initiatives for the Alzheimer's Association was quoted in HealthDay as saying, "People who participate in more mentally stimulating activities have a bigger 'cognitive reserve' in their brains to lean on once brain changes related to Alzheimer's set in." So, brain-training is a good idea.Keep in mind, also, the importance of these things.

Exposing yourself to quality literature.

Ensuring that you have some quality downtime when you can relax and let the world go by.

Maintaining quality company. Positivity beats negativity anytime, so make sure you mix with positive people.

Being discerning about the media you allow to have a place in your life. The T-Cell Experiment might be yesterday's news but its findings can't be ignored - the quality of information that we're exposed to does affect our health.

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