Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anti Aging - The Rise In Anti Aging Skin Care?

In our modern society, the want to look desirable is ever present. With the endless precession of so-called beautiful people and the Hollywood elite promoting our favourite brands on TV and in the media, the need to look younger and more beautiful is becoming stronger with every advert.Although there has been a resistance to undergoing cosmetic surgery due mainly to the huge costs and invasive nature of the surgeries, there has always been a raft of cosmetics and skin care products available that offered only "cover up" solutions and short term results to our vanity.Not so anymore.Bring in the new wave of anti aging skin care products and what you have is a perfect storm of circumstances where the needs of the market are being met by the products that are being offered.Recent technological breakthroughs in areas such as Stem Cell technology have allowed skin care and anti aging to be taken to new levels of amazing results.For as little as the cost of a new pair of running shoes, specific products are able to offer people more than a short term "cover up" solution, and actually repair your skin at the cellular level. The benefit of this is that you no longer need to include harsh creams or messy foundations as part of your skin care routine, as your skin actually repairs itself of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Skin care products today truly can claim to be anti aging from the inside out.The pure facts are that people are willing to spend 3 times more money on how they look than how they feel. Looking back at history, we see trends that prove this to be true. Take a look at "The Lipstick index" for example.

During the Great Depression, when people were at their lowest ebb of financial stress and the sales of everything were going down, lipstick sales actually increased 3 fold. People were spending their last dollar on lipstick because, although they were losing everything, they still wanted to look good.What this tells us is that people are willing to pay for products that actually deliver what they promise. There are products on the market that cost upwards of $600 for a single monthly supply, however, in my experience there are skin care products that offer a truly anti aging solution for a fraction of that cost.This allows the regular everyday woman (or man) access to the same amazing anti aging results that the rich and famous get from cosmetic surgeries and expensive injections, without the outlandish cost or need for surgery. And like most skin care products, they can be applied from the security and comfort of your own home.So, as the results and price points of today's anti aging cosmetics are finally in line with the wants and needs of consumers, this has created a recent boom in consumption of products that offer anti aging benefits and the ability to truly make you look 10 yrs younger.Yours in Freedom

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