Friday, July 4, 2014

How Baby Boomers and Beyond Can Wake Up Fit

There is more to it than sleeping right. You do still need to get cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and keep those joints mobile with stretching. The steps that will set you up for success following through with those will happen before the walk will. They happen before strength training or stretching class will.The conditions that help you wake up feeling fit to move are often ignored. In fact, as humans we often do the opposite. See if you don't agree. Famous last words before starting a diet or exercise are spoken over a gluttonous meal or while on vacation.Whether you actually want to move more and improve your fitness or you want to make the most of a busy day when these habits are all you can do, this is how to wake up fit.1. Sleep on it. Get the right amount of sleep for you. Seven-to-nine hours is recommended for adults. You may need more of less. If the alarm determines wake up, start going to bed half-an-hour earlier until you begin to wake naturally at that time and fall asleep easily. You will wake up feeling optimally rested.2. Snooze soundly. Enhance your bedtime in every possible way. Get the room dark or wear a mask. Use aromatherapy. Lavender is often recommended for relaxation and sleep. If noise keeps you awake, try a white noise sound track so it can travel with you. Wear a head band with the sound in it to avoid disturbing your partner. Stay out of bed for everything but sex and sleep.3. Eat early and snack wisely. Early workout or business meeting? Nix the late big dinner and go to sleep with a lighter belly. Give yourself two hours after dinner before turning out the lights. When that's not possible make dinner lighter and smaller. If you do eat your meal early it is OK to snack before you turn in. Keep it a higher protein option. Almonds or milk, even a protein shake are good choices. At this time you want a slowly digested protein powder, different from the one you want post-exercise.

4. Clean up your act. You'll raise your core temperature providing a deeper sleep with a warm shower or bath within two hours of bedtime. Adults say they sleep better on clean, crisp sheets, so do the linens regularly. Toss in your pajamas.5. Sweat dreams. Not a hot flash, but exercise in the evening can work for you by naturally allowing your body temperature to fall afterwards. That's a signal to your body for sleep. Evening exercise can also reduce anxiety and enhance your feel good hormones. There's no guarantee you'll have sweet dreams, but it's a start.6. Shed water. While you don't want to be up all night with trips to the bathroom, consuming natural diuretic teas or foods can help you wake up feeling lighter and more ready to take on a workout. When you feel bloated or heavy it's hard to want to get moving.Naturally occurring diuretics include cucumber, strawberries, and watermelon. Teas you can try include dandelion and green tea. Reduce the amount of sodium in your diet especially in the evening.If you take medications don't overdo teas and check with your physician about herbal teas interacting with your medications negatively. Don't mistakenly reduce your water intake to solve bloating. The more water and water-packed foods you drink the less water retaining you will have.There you have it. Six no-sweat tips to wake up fit so you feel like moving more.

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