Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips - Make-Up Artist's Guide To Healthy Skin Care

When we were all growing up, we spent our childhoods wishing that we were older. As a kid, you always got a bit of a buzz when someone guessed your age as a few years older than you actually were. As we get older, that thought process starts to shift and we no longer like to look older than we actually are, even going through drastic surgeries in some cases to reverse the signs of aging.There are many alternative options available today instead of costly cosmetic surgeries and are far less invasive.For someone who would like some simple advice for anti aging remedies, or simple ways to improve their skin care regime, I have listed below some tips and hints (including a couple from an Australian makeup artist to the stars who has over 15yrs experience working at home and abroad on some of the planet's most famous faces, including Dita Von Teese, Rachel Griffiths and Mischa Barton)."The most common sign of sun damage I see in my work is pigmentation - not even top models are immune. People often ask me about the best anti-ageing product and my answer is always the same - stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen", she says.However, if your skin is sun damaged, never fear. There are some tricks & tips to minimise the appearance of sun damaged skin which I've listed below:- Use a skin care range which has a moisturiser that contains an SPF rating or 15-30+ to get the best anti aging effects. Some companies will say that you can't get a moisturiser with Sun Protection Factor, however, this is not true. The number 1 cause of damage to skin is from the sun, so SPF in your skin care range is a critical factor.

- Use products that contain all natural ingredients that are either found naturally in the human body or naturally in nature. This removes any chance of the body fighting back against products in your skin care range and will increase the anti aging effects.- Any great skin care regime or product line needs a great Serum. Serums are good to use on a daily basis and are the most effective products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give our skin back that firm, smooth look. The best Serums will work over the course of 20-30 days to see noticeable, lasting results that truly have an anti aging effect.- If you want immediate results (noticeable in less than an hour) then there are products available called Lifting Masques. The Masques are usually in the form of a gel and are applied to the face and left to sit for 15-20min at a time. When the Masque is lifted off, it instantly lifts and hydrates the skin, showing a youthful complexion and a firmer, more luminous look.While there are many anti aging surgeries available on the market today, with breakthroughs in skin care technology and some simple awareness in what causes aging, you can get just as powerful results through cosmetic skin care products and lifestyle choices, for fractions of the cost and no messy "healing time".Yours in Freedom

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