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Immortal Again, Secrets of the Ancients Can Increase Our Longevity

Ancient literature from the Bible and the clay tablets of Sumer tell us that Methuselah lived 969 years and that the Babylonian Kings lived even longer. Ancient Indian literature tells us that they drank Soma juice from the tree of life to achieve these old ages.Could this be true?It may well be. Decoding and unraveling the human genome indicates that we can soon have the means to live such long lives. The science suggests that we may be able to eventually free ourselves of aging and, like the ancients, become Immortal Again.This has been man's dream from the beginning of time. Cicero (106-43 BC) said:"It is our duty, my young friends, to resist old age;To compensate for its defects by a watchful care;To fight against it as we would fight against disease;To adopt a regimen of health; to practice moderate exercise;And to take just enough food and drink to restore our strengthand not to overburden it.Nor, indeed are we to give our attention solely to the body;Much greater care is due to the mind and soul;For they too like lamps grow dim with time,unless we keep them supplied with oil."Then in June 1989 Dr. Rudman ran a series of tests on humans and concluded:"The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable."Let's consider how we may achieve greatly increased longevity. First we will take a closer look at the ancients and then we will look at recent scientific findings.The AncientsThe ancient Rigveda of India devotes its entire ninth book to the praises of Soma. It says that Soma juice was the nectar of the gods; the elixir that gave them immortality. But it also says that mortals could use Soma juice.Soma was the (intoxicating) juice of the now unknown Soma plant. In the Vedic lore of ancient India, it is said that:"In the land of the fathers... In the shining Paradise" that the Kings sat beneath a tree and drank Soma while listening to flutes being played."They drank Soma because it gave them immortality.The "Shining Paradise" is believed to refer to the land from which the early Vedic peoples migrated after the great flood. The Shinning Paradise was a great civilization that existed prior to the flood. Plato said it was Atlantis.Atlantis or not - it was a civilization that existed prior to, and was destroyed by, the flood.Soma was so important, that in the later legends of ancient India, it was elevated to a god:This Soma is a god; he curesThe sharpest ills that man endures.He heals the sick, the sad he cheers,He nerves the weak, dispels their fears.The faint with martial ardor fires,With lofty thought the bard inspires.The soul from earth to heaven he lifts,So great and wondrous are his gifts.Men feel the god within their veins,And cry in loud exulting strains.We've quaffed the Soma brightAnd are immortal grown.We've entered into lightAnd all the gods have known,What mortal now can harm,Or foeman vex us more?Through thee beyond alarm,Immortal god, we soar.Note especially:"We've quaffed the Soma brightAnd are immortal grown."We drank Soma and became immortal! Is this just a wish? Could it be documentation of what they did?Ancient Sumer and BabylonWe have also found references to this Soma plant in the Epic of Gilgamesh, written in the clay tablets of ancient Sumer and Babylon. These tablets note that they were copied from even more ancient texts.They tell of King Gilgamesh who goes on a mission to seek eternal life. He is told of a plant that can provide him immortality. The ancient document refers to the Soma plant used by the "Kings and Nobles" prior to the flood.In the ancient clay tablets re-write of several thousand years ago, the story says that the plant is now in deep water, probably an allegory for the flood, which destroyed the plant; made it become extinct.Gilgamesh, being the hero of the story, of course dives and gets the plant, but it is taken away by the snake. This is the continuation of the allegory in that the snake caused the food and destroyed the life pro-longing Soma plant.The Bible says that - before the flood - such a plant grew in the Garden of Eden:"And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden... "Genesis 2:8

And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil."Genesis 2:9And we've been taught that that same old serpent induced Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge. And thus God kicked Adam and Eve from Eden:"... Lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever."Genesis 3:22So we see many references to this plant, this tree of life, in literature from almost all of the ancient cultures.What does all this really mean? Is there any scientific evidence for any of this?Yes. We now understand why we age and recent laboratory tests have shown that we can make our cells immortal.The scientific evidence indicates that we will be able to become Immortal Again like the ancients before the flood destroyed their Soma plant.Almost all life on earth blossoms with youth until it has reproduced and passed its genes on to the next generation. After that the flowers wilt and die, all animals age and die, and we humans began to age and die.We age because the products of our metabolism, I.e., the "ashes" from the oxidation processes that produce energy in our cells accumulate faster then our aging endocrine system can remove them. This is because most of the cleansing hormones that surged through our youthful bodies begin to decrease as we begin to age. Some of these more critical hormones have decreased by about 10 to 30 percent as we enter our 30's.The decreases become ever more dramatic as we enter successive decades of life. Most of our hormones have decreased by over 50% and some have been reduced to near zero as we enter our 70's. So we age.Our muscles and bones weaken; our reaction time slows; we lose our agility; all combine to make us more susceptible to accidents. Our immune system weakens and makes us more susceptible to disease. And we die.There are seven basic causes that combine to make us age:1. Free radicals and other ashes of our metabolism, and environmental toxins build up in our cells and cause the cells to die without being able to reproduce themselves as they would normally do when you are younger.2. Our endocrine system ceases to secrete sufficient quantities of certain enzymes and hormones to keep up with the cell's battles with the build up of contaminants.3. Our cells lose their ability to divide, and replace themselves because they use up their allotted number of divisions (reach their Hayflick Limits).4. Stress causes secretion of excessive cortisol which does significant damage.5. Some of us have inherited flawed genes that cause, or allow malfunctions.6. Deficiencies in our diet limit the materials necessary for the cells to cleanse and repair themselves. Excesses in our diets also adversely affect certain chemical reactions.7. Lack of exercise causes atrophy of critical muscles that result in chemical imbalances and loss of strength and agility which makes us prone to accidents.All animals studied to date share these same causes of aging that they and we have inherited from our common evolution.Detailed studies and tests on each of these causes of aging have showed what we can do to become Immortal Again like the ancients before the flood destroyed their Soma plant.The key to greater longevity is the prevention of the erosion of our telomeres.Telomeres are the protective end caps on each of our chromosomes. Our telomeres erode when our cells divide to replace worn and aging cells. Eventually the telomeres become too short for effective protection so the cells die without being able to replace themselves; so we age and die.We can now synthesize the ancient Soma plant to produce telomerase which prevents the erosion of our telomeres and thereby makes our cells immortal as demonstrated in lab tests.Human tests have shown that we can cause our bodies to turn telomerase producing genes back on to greatly increase longevity.The telomerase genes played an active role when we were in our mother's womb and in our rapid growth periods. These genes were automatically turned off as we began to mature.We have found a way to turn them back on.Researchers believe that we will soon, in our lifetimes, rid mankind of aging. We can become Immortal Again.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Natural Anti Aging - The Anti Aging Skin Care Secrets Of The Hollywood Elite

Have you ever looked at the 40-something Hollywood actress who looks like she's 25 and thought "how does she look so young?" Or have you ever wondered how 30-year-old actors can play the role of someone 10 years younger than they actually are? Well the "secrets" to these results aren't as inaccessible to the everyday person as one might think.The secret actually lies in stem cell technology. Well, to be more specific it's the secrets lie in adult human stem cell technology.This kind of technology was once only available to the rich and famous, who knew the right Dr's and had the money for expensive injections and surgeries. Now, with advancements in technology and breakthroughs in cosmetic anti aging, this technology is actually available to the normal people like you and me.Anti aging cosmetics have come forward leaps and bounds in the last decade, especially the last 5 years. There are cosmetic ranges available today that produce better results than the face lift and injections of yesteryear. We no longer have to inject our skin with serums or harsh toxins like botox to get the "10-year younger" look.With the right cosmetic range, any person is able to get their skin looking firmer, smoother and healthier no matter what their skin tone or what blemishes they might have. Serums have the greatest effect on the skin of any cosmetic product on the market today as a serum will have the largest concentration of active ingredient, which is what will give you the best results.

The active ingredient in a serum, or any cosmetic product for that matter, is the actual compound that has the anti aging effects and is what will reduce the fine lines, remove the blemishes and increase collagen and elastin production within your skin. Products with a higher active ingredient will give you better results and the best active ingredient that I have found in any cosmetic range in the world to date is produced from stem cell technology.Stem cell technology produces the best active ingredient as it is derived from something that is found inside each and every one of us. Our stem cells naturally produce a compound that promotes cell repair and cell growth and it's this chemical compound that is found naturally in the human body that allows particular cosmetic ranges to produce results that rival and surgical face lift.As we age our stores of this compound reduce, which reduces the positive effects that they have on our skin. The compound is added to serums and cosmetic products and there is no chance of rejection or side effects because the body naturally contains this compound anyway, all the cosmetics do is increase the amount of this compound which help give us our anti aging "youthful" look again.I am a firm believer in looking and feeling your best and the best way I've found to do this is with healthy lifestyle choices and a great, natural cosmetic range.Yours in Freedom

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Learning to Maintain Hair Health After Years of Unhealthy Habits

Many of us take for granted the hair we have on our heads. I, for one, often do not think about my hair at all. But as I age and grow older, I realize that signs of aging can show in my hair just like they can on the other parts of my body.When I was younger, I would always eat big juicy cheeseburgers. This may seem innocent or not like a big deal, and for a while it wasn't, but they added up quickly. When we think fattening foods such as cheeseburgers, we tend to think belly fat, thigh fat, and other obvious areas such as that. But, believe it or not, the first sign I saw of unhealthy eating was in my hair!At first I didn't believe this was the case because it's so counter-intuitive. But after a number of consultations with doctors and health practitioners, I realized that my poor hair health indeed stemmed from my constant consumption of burgers (and other similar fatty foods). I run a lot so I was able to keep off the pounds around my belly, but I was not able to prevent the signs of poor health habits in my hair. Not only did I get dandruff (which I never had before in my life), but also my hair was consistently flat and dry, even after showering.This may not come as a shock to those knowledgeable about hair health, but it was definitely a big surprise to me. I never would have imagined something like this happening in my wildest nightmares, yet it was very real and it was happening.

Another mistake often made in regards to hair health involves one of my close friends, a woman with long blonde hair. She never used the right kind of shampoo, often going out of her way for many years to buy the cheapest shampoo she could find in a given store. She got what she paid for and I can tell you, it was not much. She picked the wrong products and as a result lost a lot of the color in her hair.A final tip I have for you is to ask for help when you need it. I used to be the kind of person who didn't want to ask for help and I was proud of this. But then I realized not asking for help is a weakness, not a strength. Don't sit around waiting while things get worse. Take action, reach out for professional treatment, and improve your hair and health while there is still time.While the damage to my hair is not irreparable, I certainly could have made things on myself a lot easier had I made healthier choices while taking a few simple preventative steps.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Consumer Health Alert: Fish Oil VS Squid Oil - Which Omega 3 Is Better?

20 years ago I told all of my patients without exception to take fish oil. It has the right kind of anti-inflammatory fats that are getting scarce in our food.But there's a problem with using fish oil as a source of anti-inflammatory oil today: Fish oil is increasingly polluted.Search the Web, you'll see for yourself dozens of articles about unsafe levels of industrial compounds, PCBs, and mercury in these oils. That includes lawsuits, customer reports and damning studies.I read a study from a group of scientists that tested about 300 streams across the U.S. In those streams, 100% of the fish had mercury contamination.1 More than two thirds had more mercury than the Environmental Protection Agency says is safe.To bypass this problem, I went looking for other sources of these healthy anti-inflammatory fats.I discovered one source in squid oil (also known as calamari oil or calamarine oil).What Makes Squid Oil Special.Squid oil is at the top of my list of Omega-3s because this anti-inflammatory oil comes from sources that are not been exposed to pollution in the first place.Squid, you see, come from only the deepest, cleanest waters in the ocean.Why is location of where the source is found so critical? Because pollution doesn't mix evenly in water. It stays close to the surface where many of the fish used in fish oils swim.But I discovered a source of squid oil from squid that live deep off the clear waters of Argentina. They swim up to 1,600 feet below the surface. That's five football fields deep, well BELOW the mercury, PCBs and toxins. This keeps them clean.Squid oil is a potent source of anti-inflammatory fats, and that could be one of the best things about it. The high concentration of these fats gives greater benefit for heart and brain health... more than any fish oil ever could.What You Need To Know...If you're looking for a pure, clean source of healthy fat in an anti-inflammatory oil, here are the things you should be checking:1) Do your due diligence. Check for any reports of pollutants from the source of your anti-inflammatory oil.As a general rule, the bigger the fish it comes from, the more mercury and other heavy metals will be in there. A large fish that's lived longer has had more time to accumulate high levels. The EPA finally has a database that lists the fish and toxic levels vary depending on the state and their standards. Go to to check the advisories in your state.

For example, I added fish oil to my anti-inflammatory oil, and it's from one of the last clean sources on the planet. It's a species of pollock from the frozen Bearing Sea that the American Heart Association and even the FDA list as safe.32) Look for purity. There's a difference between "safe" amounts of toxic metals and "none."Some products may be safe, but are they pure? My anti-inflammatory oil passed every EPA test with flying colors. But on top of that, it's so clean and pure that our report found no heavy metals at all.Not only are there no traces of mercury or heavy metal, there are no chemicals and no solvents.And it's cold-filtration process of purifying the healthy fat is so efficient that it packs even more anti-inflammatory fat. There's 115% of what the label says.3) See if there's a COA. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a certified copy of the results after an independent evaluator tests a supplement. All reputable companies will have a COA for their products - as I have - and they should be willing to prove their product is pure.4) Ask questions. Rely on companies you trust. Many "big name" supplements are made from the same cheap, synthetic and possibly polluted ingredients in the "no-name" supplements.For information, please go to: Gorman S. "Mercury Tainted Fish Found Widely in U.S. Streams." Reuters. Retrieved Nov. 11, 2013.2. "Fish 101." American Heart Association. Mar 20 2013. Retrieved Apr 10, 2014.3. "Fresh and Frozen Seafood: Selecting and Serving it safely." U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Updated October 31 2013.By Al Sears MD

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anti-Aging and Detox Supplements

There are many great supplements that help you to stay healthy and prevent aging. In this article we are going to discuss two of these supplements:TA-65 supplements along with Apple Pectin. The first anti-aging supplement uses Nobel Prize winning technology to prevent the cells from aging by using what has become known as TA-65 which lengthens Telomeres.TA-65 SupplementsIn 2009 three scientists made a major discovery when they found how chromosomes are protected by what has become known as Telomeres and how we can prevent these Telomeres from shortening so that we can prevent aging. These scientists include: Dr. Elizabeth H Blackburn, Dr. Carol W Greider and Dr. Jack W. Szostack. As a result of this breakthrough in anti-aging these scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize.Today, new supplements are available for immediate use in the market place along with other similar supplements from TA Sciences which use TA-65 to lengthen the Telomere. This revolutionary technology has opened up the market for anti-aging. As baby boomers grow older - we want to live healthier and have an active life.TA-65 has broken the mold when it comes to anti-aging. In what has become known as the "fountain of youth" supplement. As baby boomers age they want to continue to enjoy life by continuing to do as they always have. More information can be found on TA 65 Supplements with good videos and relevant anti-aging references to studies along with the three Nobel Prize winning scientists on various websites.

Pharmaceutical Grade Apple PectinAnother breakthrough in maintaining your health comes with Apple Pectin. Dr. Michael Nobel of the Nobel Prize founding family has never endorsed any product on the market until the Fukoshima disaster affected so many people in Japan. He looked at all supplements with Apple Pectin and found that Pharmaceutical Grade Apple Pectin had enough quality to endorse and support. This supplement flushes metals, toxins and even nuclear waste such as Celsium 137 out of your system. It is currently being used in Japan after the Nuclear disaster.As a result of the Nuclear Disaster Dr. Michael Nobel has visited Japan on numerous occasions and continues to study the effects of the event. He has explored multiple options for helping out the people of Japan in order to effectively flush out the C-137 that causes deformities among their children and has found that Pharmaceutical Grade Apple Pectin is the best product on the market to flush toxins out of the system.This advanced supplement has helped the Japanese people to deal with the Nuclear aftermath. The results of Pharmaceutical Grade Apple Pectin has helped out not only the Japanese after Fukushima but also many other health enthusiasts who want to live longer and healthier lives.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adjustable Beds - How They Help Your Health

Adjustable bedsFor those people that have ongoing back problems and other health issues it is always good to find a way of making life easier and whilst making life easier for daily tasks is a good start, many people forget that a lot of time is spent sleeping and this can also be improved. If the correct sleeping position is found then in can work wonders in helping to ease heath problems and pains.To help ease pain during sleep, an adjustable bed will help to change the sleeping position to one that offers comfort and relief. To do this an adjustable bed allows the incline or decline of the head or legs to find the most suitable position.An adjustable bed offers versatility and when it is set up correctly the bed can be shaped so that it best fits the shape of the body helping to ease back pain and other issues. This can help those people that suffer with sciatica which is a problem where a nerve is trapped in the back, by offering support to the lower back. Setting the bed up into an incline position helps to lessen the pressure on the back which is caused by compression which means that further damage to the back will be prevented.Other sleeping related problems such as snoring and sleep apnoea can also be helped by using an adjustable bed. When the windpipe closes during sleep it causes snoring, and this is often caused by the weight of the neck restricting the space within the windpipe that the air passes through, resulting in the snoring sound. With a slight adjustment in the sleeping position to an upright position, the weight of the neck is shifted downwards and not onto the windpipe, this will result in a better nights sleep for all. Adjustable beds are important for those with sleep apnoea, which is a condition that causes an individual to stop breathing at certain intervals throughout the nights. This has a huge impact on the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep that an individual has but it is also extremely dangerous. By altering the position using an adjustable bed, it can help in the same way as it does with snoring, especially those who suffer with obstructive apnoea.

Digestion problems often occur at night, and this is made worse by laying flat and sleeping in that position. By adjusting the bed to an upright position it helps aid digestion and the processing of foods but it is never a good idea to go to bed on a full stomach. An upright sleeping position will help ease the pain caused by acid reflux which is the stomach acid moving back up the oesophagus and can be extremely painful.For those people who suffer with swollen limbs an adjustable bed will allow the limbs to be elevated to a level higher than the heart so that the fluid has a better chance of draining away. The same effect can be achieved using pillows but they often get lost during the night which is why an adjustable bed is more beneficial.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chronic Inflammation Has A Bad Track Record

In a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, chronic inflammation is associated with type 2 diabetes, cognitive impairment, brain atrophy, and cardiovascular disease as well as periodontal disease. These are all health ailments that can make your life miserable, costly and shorter.Inflammation is also the precursor to cancer. Chronic inflammation refers to an area of the body that is either constantly inflamed or has recurring inflammation. The body sends white blood cells to the area to fight off the inflammation. This weakens the immune system if it can't be healed by the body. Typically, the use of anti-inflammatory medications is used to fight off the inflammation.According to the study, "there is an association between elevated interleukin 6 (IL-6) levels and subsequent disease in a large group of healthy, middle-aged individuals." IL-6 controls cytokines (cells of the immune system which carry signals locally between cells) and inflammatory areas. These conditions can affect the brain and muscles.The study was designed to track the process of aging in a group of individuals who did not have a history of cancer, stroke, or myocardial infarction (heart problems or a heart attack). At the end of the study, the results were quite amazing. It showed inflammation had a direct result on the health of the test subjects including periodontal disease.

At the end of the study the results were:

721 (23.7%) of the 3044 participants met standards for successful aging

321 (10.6%) had cardiovascular disease

147 (4.8%) had died from non-cardiovascular causes

1855 (60.9%) had the normal aging characteristics
The results showed, "Individuals who had elevated IL-6 levels had a 47% reduced likelihood of successful aging compared with those who had normal IL-6 levels."What all that means is those with lower levels of IL-6 aged normally, and those with higher level suffered from health issue such as periodontal disease caused by chronic inflammation.The result showed 60% of the test subjects had normal aging since they didn't suffer from chronic inflammation. This study also shows how you can stop or slow periodontal disease by keeping your inflammation down. Periodontal disease starts with inflamed gums and if not cared for, the attachment of the gums to the teeth are destroyed, forming a pocket that furthers the difficulty of curing the disease.Keeping inflammation down also leads to less chance of diabetes, heart problems, and will allow the body to gracefully age, according to the study by Ricki Lewis, PhD.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top Yoga Poses For Fighting Aging And Staying Young

While getting old might not seem so bad mentally, after the age of 18, it seems like a downhill task physically. You begin to lose balance, flexibility, and strength especially once you get to the age of 30. The pains and aches seem to pop out of nowhere. If you are looking for an excellent way to keep your body in great shape, and look and feel young, then yoga might be the answer. It is a low-impact way to gain strength, flexibility and remain healthy. Above all, you can do it anywhere, anytime. Here are some of the top moves for anti-aging:Equal standingAccording to top yoga experts, this pose enables you to gain awareness of postural tendencies. To perform this pose, stand on the yoga mat barefoot, and put together, with your arms hanging on their sides. Pay attention to your feet and the distribution of your bodyweight. Without lifting your feet's soles, gently move forward, backwards, and to each side, and then back to center again. To take things o higher notch, try closing your eyes and realize how your balance shifts. You can even try standing in front of a large mirror to see and feel how you look.Tree pose

According to top fitness experts, balance becomes notorious more difficult as you age. Hence, Yoga masters designed the tree pose to help you maintain you balancing abilities. Start in an equal standing pose, and then shift most of your bodyweight to one leg and foot. Clasp your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest. Come onto toes with the other leg and open its hip and leg. Take several breaths in this pose then switch to the other leg and repeat the move. You can add more challenge by looking up towards the ceiling or holding your hands above your head.SquatThis is an excellent pose to help you develop strong thigh muscles, which in turn will prevent injury and pain in the knees as you age. Start by standing straight, feet together and hands at their sides. Sit back as if you are going to sit in a chair, while keeping the feet and knees together. Go as far as you can safely go, ensuring the knees stay behind the toes, and your back is straight. Reach the arms in front of you and look straight ahead. When you are more experienced, you can try other variations of this move.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

How To Build Collagen Naturally In Aging Skin

If you're looking to drop a decade from your face, there is a little insider secret you must know. No diet or cream will produce sustainable results if it is not geared towards boosting natural collagen synthesis. Your skin is only like an outer-wrapping, at the base of which is a more concrete structure. Collagen is the cornerstone of this underlying structure. It is a structural protein that gives the skin its firmness and shape. It is also responsible for skin elasticity, strength, texture and tone.When you are young, collagen is produced in abundance in the body. This accounts for the fresh and radiant look of your skin. But as the body ages, the connective tissue starts breaking down. Also, its production dwindles. As a result, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity and takes on a dull and sagging appearance. It is followed by the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye dark circles and age spots. Hence, if you want to put off aging for a while, your aim should be to reinforce this collagen structure.Here's how you can restore collagen naturally.Eat the right foods -One can increase the synthesis of collagen by supplying the body with essential anti-aging nutrients such as Vitamin C, Lutein, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid. These nutrients restore the lost vitality of the skin. You should eat the following:• Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale and citrus fruits. They are rich in Vitamin C.• Nuts, vegetable oils namely flaxseed oil, canola oil and avocados. They contain a copious amount of Vitamin E.• Salmon and Tuna are animal sources of high-quality unsaturated fat and hence are beneficial to the health of the skin.• Soy products provide genistein, an isoflavin. This compound inhibits the enzymes that breakdown collagen fibers. In doing so, it improves the quality of new and existing collagen fibers.

• It will also help to have green tea and berries. We've clubbed them together because of a common ingredient. Both are an abundant source of Flavonoids, antioxidants that shield the cells against damage by free radicals.• Carrots and cantaloupes can also be included in your diet for the skin-friendly beta-carotene they contain.Supplements -While diet is the best source to get your vitamins, you can also use supplements to make up for a deficiency in the body. There are vitamin C, K and E supplements available in the market for use. They are available either in pill or powder form. When using supplements, make sure you buy from a reputed manufacturer and follow the proper usage instructions.Topical Solutions -Topical solutions are by far the safest and the most convenient anti-aging solution on the market. There are chemical based and natural variants. The latter is better as they are made of natural extracts of fruits, vegetables and herbs. They work by hydrating the skin and reducing blemishes and wrinkles. On the whole, they improve the texture and clarity of your complexion. They can either be bought over-the-counter or with a prescription.Skin Care -Proper skin care can also play a crucial role in putting off the ugly signs of aging for a while. Try as much as possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. When you step out, make sure you wear sun block or protect the skin by layering clothing. Also, follow a proper skin care routine with regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Easy Lifestyle Tips for Maintaining Youthful Looking Skin

Great looking skin at any time of life begins with accepting that the environment, your lifestyle, climate and age are all going to have an impact, so be on the look-out for warning signs and do something about them as soon as you see them. In fact, start looking after your skin as early as possible.1. Develop and Use a Daily Routine for Cleansing and Moisturising.It's really important to create a daily routine to keep your skin clean and moisturised. A routine will acquaint you with the intimate details of your face, neck, hands and body so that you're better able to observe early-onset signs of aging.2. Focus on the eyes. And I don't mean the laugh lines!A sure give-away of age, is that things don't look quite right around the eyes. Your eyelashes and eyebrows start to thin and your eyelids may be become red. Fortunately there are thickening creams that can help your brows and lashes. Of course, you can have your eyelashes and eyebrows dyed; if you had dark lashes when you were younger, always go for a blue-black colour and go for a brown for your brows. If you're a blonde, it's brown all the way.3. Enjoy an Invigorating MassageThings slow down even when we don't want them to, so keep stimulating all those different bodily systems with a regular massage. Your lymphatic system needs a good shake up to keep your legs a nice shape (I mean who wants cankles? and what a revolting name it is!), while giving your circulation a helping hand brings lovely oxygen filled blood to your organs and skin.

4. Limit Sun ExposureWe've known for years now that the sun is the cause of untold misery when it comes to skin damage, not just nasty cancer type damage, but brown sun spots and premature wrinkling and aging too. Be sure to wear a high SPF sunscreen, especially on your face... and don't forget your hands! And remember, there are UVA and UVB rays bombarding you even on a dull day so don't forget the sunscreen, even in winter.5. Necessary Medications and Unnecessary Weight GainWatch out for symptoms that may be brought on by the need to take medication. If you have no option but to take the medication that can cause weight gain, you can compensate for some weight-gain side effects by making small changes to your diet, taking supplements or talking to your doctor about alternative drugs or different dosages; or even finding an original medicine alternative such as Naturopathy or Homeopathy, or even Chinese herbal medicine.Beyond these simple 5 steps you can take to maintaining and cultivating youthful skin, you can also consider the many wonderful new cosmeceuticals now available.Give yourself a mid-life make-over... When we were girls we wore make up to look older and more sophisticated. When we became women we wore make up to enhance our natural beauty, and now that we are women of a certain age, we wear make up to look more youthful, healthier and brighter...

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Get Rid of Laugh Line Wrinkles Naturally

Laugh lines tell a tale of a life filled with happiness and emotion, but still they can be ugly. Whatever you call them, they still look like regular wrinkles!The good news is you can do something about them. If you want to learn how to get rid of laugh line wrinkles, please read on! In addition to a healthy lifestyle, keeping hydrated and enjoying life, the right natural skin care regime can make a huge difference on how young you look and feel.It really is possible to get rid of laugh lines naturally without injections, dermabrasion or surgery. Nature offers us ingredients that work wonders on wrinkles. With the right products and some persistence, you can soon be giving your skin a natural, daily face lift just by using the right natural products in your skin care.But what kinds of products should you use? Most importantly the skin cream you are using should be based on 100% natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and to have true anti-aging effects. Read the ingredients list on any product you are considering and stay away from mineral oil, preservatives, chemicals and synthetic fragrances. If you get a completely natural product, you'll automatically avoid these substances.On a side note: it's best avoid toxins as much as you can in your daily life, too. Steer away from cigarette smoke, heavy drinking and eating lots of animal products. Your body and your skin will thank you!

In order to get rid of laugh line wrinkles, the products you are using must stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, which are two key substances in your skin that keep it youthful and smooth. With age their activity decreases, but they can be stimulated with the right skin cream, increasing the production back to the level it was when you were younger.But don't buy into skin creams that include collagen or elastin, as they cannot penetrate your skin and just end up sitting on it, doing no good to your skin. You should instead look for ingredients which are able to get into your skin's deeper layers and stimulate the collagen and elastin activity there.One of the best ingredients that can do that is Xtend-TK, which is a wholly natural substance from New Zealand. It has been proven in several tests to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and even boost new skin cell growth. Together with ingredients like Phytessence Wakame and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Xtend-TK will restore your skin's youth and health when used daily, and believe me; you will see a difference in your laugh lines if you stick with it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

12 Natural Anti-Aging Solutions

Most anti-aging solutions you see advertised involve products designed to improve the look of the skin and hair. This is because most people's concept of "anti-aging solutions" is to make you look younger. However, the process of aging is much more complicated than what is happening to your body on the outside. It is also about what's happening to your body internally. Aging can affect hormonal balance, strength of the immune system, mental capacity, sex drive, sense of balance, movement, stamina, joint pain, and more. The following are 12 natural anti-aging solutions that will help you slow down the aging process holistically both on the outside and on the inside:1. Drink A Lot More WaterDrinking more water is probably the simplest thing you can do to slow down the aging process. Studies have shown that most people are chronically dehydrated. Water helps to lubricate the skin from the inside out and works far better than any lotion you could buy. Water also helps by keeping the skin elastic. This means the more water you drink, the smoother and less wrinkled your skin will be.2. Eat More Blueberries and Other High Antioxidant FoodsWho needs age defying cosmetics when you can get a much greater anti-aging benefit from eating antioxidants. Antioxidants rid the body of free radicals that form at an increasingly higher rate as we get older. The more antioxidants you eat, the more free radicals you'll eliminate. Unfortunately, the modern diet is abysmally low in natural antioxidants. Most of the antioxidants have been processed out of the processed foods that have become a staple in the American diet.Eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially organic ones, will ensure you get a nice supply of antioxidants. Blueberries, in particular, are loaded with antioxidants. Other berries like raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries are also exceptionally good sources of antioxidants.3. Eat More MagnesiumThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends that men and women get between 300 and 400 mg of magnesium a day. However, studies have shown that most people don't get anywhere near this amount. This is because most of us don't eat enough of the foods that are high in magnesium. These foods include dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, and mustard greens. They also include green herbs like parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, and dill. Nuts and whole grains are also relatively high in magnesium.Magnesium helps control insulin levels in the body which in turn regulates the blood sugar levels. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level ensures that glycation, one of the primary culprits of the aging process, is minimized.In glycation, sugar destroys and deforms protein.4. Reduce Inflammation By Eating the Right Foods Chronic inflammation increases with age. Premature aging occurs when the inflammation process is accelerated. On the other hand, aging can be delayed by reducing inflammation. Inflammation causes the skin to wrinkle. Chronic inflammation also causes other aging processes such as a decrease in mental capacity and stiffness in the joints.5. ExerciseOne of the best ways to reduce cellulite is to exercise more. Resistance weight training with squats and lunges can reduce the cellulite in your thighs. Weight training also helps prevent sagging skin. Tightening the muscles in the face can help prevent sagging of the skin in the face. Aerobic exercise also helps a great deal to slow down aging over-all. This type of exercise strengthens the immune system and helps all the organs in your body function more efficiently. This includes organs like the liver and kidneys which are important to the detoxification process.6. Stop the Yo-Yo DietWhen you get into the vicious cycle of losing weight and then regaining that weight back, this stretches the connective tissue between the skin and the muscles. This makes the skin sag. If you need to lose weight, it is far better that you do so in a slow and steady manner and then keep the weight off.

7. Lower Your StressIt is no coincidence that our U.S. presidents all seem to age rapidly while they hold office. Being president is an extremely stressful job and stress causes premature aging more than just about anything else. Stress alters the balance of hormones in the body, shortens the lifespan of cells, causes the skin to wrinkle, causes hair to fall out, alters DNA so it has difficulty replicating, and produces high levels of the hormone cortisol that accelerates the aging process.If you want to live longer and slow down the aging process, you need to find ways to lower your stress levels.The first step is to evaluate your life and determine what your primary and secondary sources of stress are.Next, eliminate or reduce stress where it is possible to do so. Third, find ways to help you relax and de-stress.Exercise, yoga, taking long walks, writing, listening to music, and aromatherapy are all common methods of relaxing. See what works best for you. The main thing is to understand the need to do so and make sure you fit this into your life.8. Learn How To Manage Stress BetterSome people find it helpful to temporarily keep a diary of things that trigger stress. Once you have a handle on what's triggering the stress, it is easier to stop the stress before it escalates and gets worse. It also gives you the much needed self-permission to do something nice for yourself to lower the stress. For example, you might schedule a nice relaxing massage and/or let your partner take on more responsibility.9. Protect Your Skin From the SunBy the time you hit your thirties, most people are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to wrinkles. It makes no sense to put undue pressure on the skin. UV radiation causes the skin to wrinkle and dark spots to form, not to mention cancerous growth. UV destroys collagen and prevents the body from producing more collagen. When you are exposed to the sun, it is essential to use a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. This will help prevent dark sun spots from forming and it has also been shown to prevent existing dark spots from getting darker. You can also wear protective clothing like a big brimmed hat.10. DetoxificationHeavy metals and other environmental pollutants will accelerate the aging process and cause other health issues as well. Detoxing three to four times a year can help keep these out of your system. Drinking more water helps detoxify the body. Eating more greens also help detox the body. There are two foods that help even more. These are blue green algae like Spirulina and the green algae Chorella. One teaspoon to three tablespoons of powered algae mixed in water is a good way to start the day off when you are trying to detox. Another good method of detoxing is to make a tea out of fresh parsley or cilantro.11. Get More SleepWhen you sleep, the body rejuvenates itself. Cells repair themselves more quickly while we sleep. Nutrients are absorbed better. Cortisol levels are naturally lowered as we sleep. Dreaming helps us organize our thoughts and this can help with memory issues.12. Stop SmokingSmoking causes rapid aging. It damages the collagen and the elastin in the skin layers. This makes the skin less elastic and it wrinkles more. Smoking also reduces blood flow and oxygenation of cells which will also lead to skin damage. If you are a smoker, you need to stop as soon as possible no matter how difficult it may be.In conclusion, each of these natural methods is considered good anti-aging solutions but you shouldn't expect a miracle from any one of them. However, if you use several natural methods in combination, the effect can be rather amazing. The elusive fountain of youth isn't a single source but rather a mosaic of healthy living.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How To Think Your Way To Living Longer, Better

The placebo effect is recognised and accepted by most of us. It shows the important part perception plays in the results achieved. When researchers are testing a new drug, for example, it's not uncommon for more than 30% of those using a placebo to lose the symptoms being tested. Even though a placebo may be regarded as medically ineffectual, belief and a sugar pill can be all that's required for more than 30% of the participants to experience a difference.The placebo effect can be a very powerful and helpful friend when it comes to living a longer, better life. You can program your brain to think about how your exercise and what you eat (not junk, of course) is improving your body. That's right! You can legitimately increase the results from your exercise and nutrition by actively thinking about the benefits.Harvard researchers studied over 80 hotel room cleaning attendants from 7 different hotels who cleaned an average of 15 rooms-per-day at about 25 minutes-per-room.The researchers set out to study the effects on the hotel attendants of making them aware of how beneficial the exercise they got while working was for their health, and to see if this increased the results that they actually received from the exercise. The question was, would telling them that their work was great exercise improve their health, lower their blood pressure, and help them to lose weight compared to the hotel attendants that didn't realise their work was 'exercise'?

The hotel attendants were split into two groups. The first group was informed about the benefits of exercise and told how many calories they were burning while doing their hotel cleaning work each day. They were specifically told how many calories activities such as changing sheets, vacuuming, and scrubbing bathrooms were burning each hour. (The researchers also gave the attendants a daily handout showing the number of calories being burnt doing each activity.) The second (control) group was simply informed of the benefits of exercise and were not told anything else.The only difference was that the one group was reminded how beneficial their work exercise was for their health and how many calories they were burning. Their minds were busy believing in the benefits of it. This group ended up losing a significant amount of weight, etc. The control group showed no improvements.A key message for all of us is to never underestimate how powerful our mind is. And for all participants in the ageing process, we need to make sure we're actively thinking about how our exercises and foods are helping us to live a longer, better life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Best Ways To Firm Sagging Skin

As soon as women cross 40, their day starts with peeping into the mirror just to check if there is a new wrinkle since last night. Wrinkles, sagging skin and ugly age spots are among the first signs to hint that you're getting old. It is still possible to cover up wrinkles and age spots with the right makeup, but it can be a tricky task to do the same for sagging skin as the problem lies skin deep. This short article discusses a few simple, natural regimens to uplift sagging skin and restore a youthful radiance.What causes the skin to sag?It is a matter of age. Age slows a number of body functions and this includes cellular repair and regeneration. Collage and Elastin are the two important structural proteins. Together, they are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. With age, there is a dip in the production of these two proteins and therefore your skin is no longer firm and supple. It also loses its ability to retain moisture and takes on a dull, dry and listless appearance.Making the problem worse is the loss of muscle mass and bone density in old age. Bones and muscles automatically shrink not giving anything plump or concrete to hold on to.Good-For-You-Lifestyle Habits to Firm Skin1. It is important to wash your face every morning when you get up. While you rest at night the skin, in fact your whole body continues to work. This is why it looks all oily when you wake up in the morning. It is not a good idea to slather make up on an oily, unclean face.2. An evening cleanse is also a must to get rid of dirt buildup and makeup worn throughout the day.

3. If you want to prevent your skin from sagging, it is necessary to protect it from UV damage. Make sure you apply sunscreen in the morning before going out.4. In order to promote cell repair and rejuvenation, you must first slough off the dead skin cells. For this, you must exfoliate the skin at least once a week or more depending on your skin type. You can use ready-to-use natural exfoliators or combine ingredients to create your own scrub.5. After every cleansing routine, you should moisturize the skin. Choose a moisturizer based on your skin type. Allow the moisturizer to absorb well before you can apply any makeup.6. Women looking to reinforce the collagen structure should eat a sensible diet. Your diet should include Vitamin A, C, B3, E and K and minerals namely zinc, potassium and calcium as they contribute to rebuilding and reinforcing collagen fibers. Cut down the intake of processed sugar as it causes the connective tissue to disintegrate.7. Drinking plenty of water is best tip if you want to prevent skin sagging and breakdown. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water is beneficial as it flushes out the toxins and keeps the cells hydrated.8. Finally, you can combine diet with firming creams to get the best benefits. Most of the topical applications contain moisturizing agents and antioxidants. Retinol or Vitamin A is a chief ingredient in anti-aging creams. They build the body's natural ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips - Anti Aging Physician's Guide To Healthy Skin Care

When we were all growing up, we spent our childhoods wishing that we were older. As a kid, you always got a bit of a buzz when someone guessed your age as a few years older than you actually were. As we get older, that thought process starts to shift and we no longer like to look older than we actually are, even going through drastic surgeries in some cases to reverse the signs of aging.There are many alternative options available today instead of costly cosmetic surgeries and are far less invasive.For someone who would like some simple advice for anti aging remedies, or simple ways to improve their skin care regime, I have listed below my tips and hints that I have compiled (including some tips from the world's only Board Certified anti aging physician, who has over 30yrs experience in anti aging and medical research & development).- Wear sunscreen - UV radiation from the sun damages your skin and promotes aging. Never walk out the door without sunscreen on your face.- Eat vegetables - There is good evidence that oxidative damage caused by toxins and metabolism contributes to the aging process at a cellular level. Products high in antioxidants seem to protect us from oxidative stress.- Avoid sugar - Sugar is a direct cause of aging and significantly reduces the life of cells.- Sleep - For most the key determinant of how you look (and feel) on a given day is how much sleep you get. 6-8hrs is ideal.- Eat fish - evidence suggests that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are particularly beneficial to skin care.

- Avoid smoking - Whilst it is seldom my position to advise people what they should or shouldn't do with their own lifestyle choices, smoking is second only to Sun damage as the biggest cause of early aging and cell damage. Avoid smoking if you can and you'll enjoy healthier looking skin.- Eat fruit - same as vegetables, fruits have an enormous amount of antioxidants and help with hydration. Vitamin C in particular is thought to benefit skin.- Drink red wine - Red wine contains the world's most powerful anti-aging compound known as resveratrol. Resveratrol has been called a "modern miracle" by Harvard University Professors due to the amazing anti aging properties that it as. There is not a high enough dosage in red wine to significantly impact lifespan, however, if you are going to consume alcohol, you might as well help yourself look younger too.- Drink lots of water - Lack of hydration is the third biggest cause of excessive wrinkles (behind Sun exposure and smoking). Skin needs to stay constantly hydrated in order to maintain elasticity and firmness. If you don't get enough fluids in your body, your cells will start to lose this elasticity which will eventually result in fine lines and wrinkles.While there are many anti aging surgeries available on the market today, with breakthroughs in skin care technology and some simple awareness in what causes aging, you can get just as powerful results through cosmetic skin care products and lifestyle choices, for fractions of the cost and no messy "healing time".Yours in Freedom

Friday, October 10, 2014

Skin Care - What Are The Best Skin Care Products For Me?

A great skin care routine is the staple of any person's personal care or health care regime, male or female. Gone are the days where it was just females putting on foundation, lipstick and eye liner and men and women are looking for better anti aging skin care results in the ever growing search for youth.So what are the best skin care products to use? Well, to have a truly complete anti aging skin care routine, you need to contain different complimentary products within your arsenal, and there are many schools of thought on what the best are.I've compiled a list of the 5 essential anti aging cosmetic products that the experts say every person, male or female, should have in their bathroom cupboard:1) Serum
2) Cleanser
3) Moisturiser
4) Night repair
5) Lifting MasqueThe Serum - every great skin care range has a serum. It is the cosmetic product with the highest concentration of active ingredient in it and is the flagship product in a person's cupboard. Try and find Serums that are derived from adult human stem cell technology as the active ingredient as they are known to have the best results and contain the highest concentration of active ingredient.The Cleanser - this is the product that clears your pores and your skin of all impurities as the first line of skin care defence. Once the cleanser has done its job, the Serum then comes in to fill those pores with active ingredient to repair and revitalise.The Moisturiser - is applied after the Serum and is used to seal the Serum to lock in the active ingredient for maximum results. Again, best to look for products that are derived from adult human stem cell technology for best results.

Night Repair Cream - this is essential to any quality skin care routine. After applying the cleanser and serum at night, apply a night cream for a fantastic way to repair and revitalise your skin while you sleep. The difference between a night cream and a moisturiser is that the night repair cream will be more focussed on treating your skin while "inactive", whereas good moisturisers will be tailored for active lifestyles (and will even contain sunscreen in them too).Lifting Masque - there is a lot to be said about lifting masques. This product is not your everyday product, however, is great if you need an "immediate face lift". They are applied and left for a period of about 20min to the skin developing a light "masque". When the masque is removed, instantly wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. This is a great skin care product to have in any bathroom.If you combine all of the above, you have a truly Youth Enhancing System that is the envy of any Hollywood celeb.As with any anti aging skin care range, the results are the main thing to go by. My suggestion is to start with skin care products that are derived from adult human stem cell technology, as that is the best technology available today, then test the results for yourself.Yours in Freedom.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Latest Trend - Do-It-Yourself Homemade Vitamin C Serum

What is the fountain of youth? Why do some people naturally age better than others? Why does our appearance change as we age? These are all questions that everyone wonders or avoids. People always try to look better and younger as they age. What is the secret to staying young?According to Wikipedia the fountain of youth is a spring that gives youth back to anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Now whether or not this spring exists or actually heals is yet to be determined, but it is talked about everywhere. Everyone is searching to look younger.Aging naturally occurs over time regardless of what people do, that is the bad news. The good news is there are ways people can actually slow aging. Protecting skin from the sun, watching diet, and really being careful about what is applied to skin are 3 simple ways to help fight aging.Young skin is full of Vitamin C which produces collagen. Collagen is a protein that keeps skin elastic. Without elasticity wrinkles begin to form. As The body ages, the Vitamin C levels drop dramatically.Vitamin C is the ultimate antioxidant. It promotes collagen growth which reduces and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also repairs unfriendly sun spots. It also helps brighten and tighten skin. Vitamin C can also reduce inflammation.

There is a secret that most people do not know about vitamin C. Vitamin C has a short shelf life. Because vitamin C is so unstable making your own improves the potency. Store bought C is not as high quality as marketed.Do it yourself homemade Vitamin C is the best anti aging product. The process is really simple. Get one dark colored container to store the product and then mix 1/2 tsp Vitamin C powder with 1 tablespoon Hyaluronic Acid Serum and that is it. Only mix what you can use in 3-5 days.This technique does come with a couple tips. First. do not add extra vitamin c powder as it is acidic and can/will burn skin. Second, if skin is sensitive just add extra Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Finally a nice quality control tool is to test the vitamin C serum on a pH test strip. It should read about a 3.5 to be in the perfect form and then formulation can be adjusted for specific skin type.Homemade vitamin C serum is the new beauty trend. People love making their own because of the high potency resulting in better results and because of the cost savings.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Surrendering to the Wrinkle

At age 34, I've decided to age naturally. That's right-no syringes, scalpels, Botox or lasers. But it wasn't an easy decision, especially considering how common these procedures have become. According to the FACE report, a recent survey of more than 800 women across Canada, 57% of everyday women receive injectable treatments like Botox and fillers, and 34% believe that these treatments are as mainstream as hair colouring or teeth whitening. So where does that leave people like me who are choosing the new alternative: going natural? Will we become, well, dinosaurs-scaly and extinct?No way. I'm convinced that we can still survive in this wrinkle-phobic society, but only by feeling the best we can from the inside-out. Here's how:Lifestyle Choices for Optimal AgingSlowing down the skin's aging is very much linked to our lifestyle choices. "Real anti-aging involves protecting and supporting our overall health, not just the topical," says Kristen Ma, Ayurvedic practitioner, co-owner of Pure + Simple Inc., and author of Beauty: Pure + Simple.Proper water intake, for instance, is important for healthy, hydrated skin. But how much is enough? The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) recommends the following on their website: "To determine how much water you need on a daily basis divide your body weight (in pounds) by 2. This equals the number of ounces of water you need daily. A normal glass is approximately 8 ounces."Keep in mind that more water is required if your day includes exercise, caffeine-based beverages like coffee, tea and pop, and/or alcohol. Very few of us manage to consume this much water-we simply forget or we dread those extra trips to the bathroom-but it's crucial for keeping our cells quenched.As for a skin-happy diet, naturopath Dr. Patti Yik recommends foods containing high amounts of antioxidants, like berries and green tea. Antioxidants protect the body's cells, including the skin, from damage caused by everyday stressors like environmental toxins and radiation. Vitamin C in particular is an important antioxidant for boosting collagen, and can be found in foods like bell peppers, kiwi, citrus fruits and bell peppers.Essential fatty acids also enhance skin health. These can be found in walnuts, flax seeds and wild salmon, or in a high quality fish oil supplement. Some people, fearing weight gain, avoid fats like the plague-even the healthy ones. But Canada's Food Guide recommends a daily intake of 30-45 mL (2-3 tbsp.) of unsaturated fat to keep the body, and the skin, functioning optimally."Essential fatty acids are great for nourishing the body from the inside out when they are taken orally," says Ma. "And they are anti-inflammatories." Keeping inflammation at bay is crucial because it can lead to the creation of free radicals-major contributors to the aging process.As for what to avoid, one of the worst culprits is-you guessed it-UV damage. "Excessive sun exposure or tanning beds can cause unnecessary stress to the skin, damaging skin fibres," says Dr. Yik. "This causes the skin to sag, stretch and slow the healing process." By avoiding these harmful UV rays, as well as bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking, we can expose our skin to fewer of the stresses that lead to premature aging.Natural, Non-Invasive Skin Boosters

Ma advocates using natural skincare products whenever possible because everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. The first step, after cleansing the face, is to apply a serum containing natural ingredients that retain the skin's moisture. The serum in her Pure + Simple line, for example, contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin in a base of aloe vera and algae, all of which work together to increase the skin's hydration.The next step is to seal in that extra hydration with moisturizer. "I love plant oils as moisturizers," says Ma. "My favourite oils for anti-aging are sea-buckthorn berry and rosehip oils. Both are loaded with essential fatty acids and antioxidants." Yes, that's right-those powerhouse essential fatty acids can be used topically as well as internally, lubricating the skin and locking in moisture."It's a powerful anti-aging combination," Ma says, referring to the synergy of water and oil that mimics the natural biology of our skin.Another important anti-aging step is to boost circulation. "As we age, our circulation becomes poorer," says Ma. "This leads to dullness, dehydration and decreased collagen production." That's why it's important to use skincare ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the skin, like Vitamin C, ginseng, ginger and sea-buckthorn oil.Certain facial treatments aim for the same effect-massage, acupuncture, microdermabrasion and micro-currents, so head to your favourite spa for a non-invasive skin boost.Dr. Yik also recommends taking contrast showers (alternating blasts of cold and warm water). "They help to improve circulation, tighten pores and reinvigorate the skin," she says, which results in healthy skin, scalp and hair.The Final Step: AcceptanceOnce you embrace the lifestyle choices that best preserve your skin's health, the next step is the most important, and possibly the hardest: just let go and accept your aging as a natural part of life."We must decide that who we are is more important than how we look," says Gwen Randall-Young, author and psychotherapist. "We will all age and so we can decide to do it gracefully and focus on the deeper values in our lives."In her book, Growing into Soul, Randall-Young discusses the necessary shift, in the second half of our lives, from an ego-based mindset to a soul-based way of being. Whether our inner self thrives in the church pew, while chanting its "ohms," or by volunteering in the community, it's important to connect to something beyond our external appearance."At the soul level we are all beautiful," says Randall-Young. "We must begin to identify more with our soul than with our body. When we focus on bringing love into the world and to those around us, then we feel beautiful."So maybe it's time for us to smile at that wrinkle and accept it for what it is-a harmless little line, an artefact of our many experiences, from raising our children to visiting foreign lands. Let's stop waging war against our bodies and transfer that energy into spirit-boosting activities like meditating, practicing gratitude, and using our innate talents to improve the lives of others.The soul can take over from here. And best of all? It never gets wrinkly.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slowing The Aging Process and Living Longer

Aging, we would all like to live long healthy lives avoiding the ailments and diseases that seem to plague the elderly. The images of elderly people bent over, limping, on walkers, and in wheelchairs is depressing, especially if that person is a person very dear to you. But what can we do, that's just part of getting old. We have no control over the aging process, Right? Actually that's not entirely true. We do have control over the quality of life we experience as we get older. And a higher quality of life often translates into a longer life span.Aging, what's that all about anyway? As we get older our bodies have a tendency to wear out. The human body is like an automobile. It has a large number of moving parts working in unison. And as we all know, an old car does not run as well as a new car. The same holds true with the human body. The body's moving parts consist of the heart, liver kidneys and many more. As the body gets older, its organs become vulnerable to destructive molecules called free radicals. Free radicals have a tendency to damage and erode our organs making them prone to illness and disease.One of the best ways to fight free radicals is to eat healthy. Nutritious organic foods are the foundation of a healthy disease free way of life. What we consume in the form of food and liquids goes a long way in determining how healthy we are in our later years.The old adage "You Are What You Eat" is seriously true. A study revealed that American centenarians (people 100 years or older) eat 2.5 times more vegetables than seniors under the age of 99. And 5 times more vegetables than 40 year-olds. It was also revealed that people who ate lots of fresh organic vegetables, didn't smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, have higher antioxidant levels in their bodies and subsequently live longer. What you consume and abstain from consuming plays a major role in determining the quality of your health and ultimately your longevity.Eating healthy organic foods are fine but there's another equally important aspect of healthy living we should address, and that's supplements. There's compelling evidence that a combination of the amino acid L-Carnitine and the antioxidant Alpha-Lipoic Acid has a revitalizing effect on a person's energy level. They are safe and have no side effects. However, people who have diabetes or have a seizure potential should avoid these two supplements. You don't want to avoid Vitamin C, Resveratrol, or Magnesium however. Vitamin C enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation. Resveratrol stimulates the SIRT-1 Gene (The Human Anti- Aging Gene). Magnesium helps fortify the length of the protective tips of our chromosomes. All three of these supplements promote longevity and are safe to take. Excessive amounts of Vitamin C can cause diarrhea. What is excessive depends upon the individual so consider this. If, for example, three caps give you diarrhea, take two and enjoy the added bonus of having regular bowel movements.You can be disease free, be in tip top physical condition, and it will mean absolutely nothing if your brain is not functioning properly. Your brain is Mission Control for your body. Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy brain. If it is not functioning properly, it can cause a multitude of problems. Every bodily function is controlled by the brain, keep it healthy at all costs. If you don't, you could spend your senior years wasting away in a nursing home.Let's take a look at some of the steps we can take to prevent the deterioration of our brain cells. This is a subject with which I am intimately familiar. My mother suffered irreversible brain damage resulting from a stroke. I took care of her at home and watched her quality of life slowly slip away. It was heart-breaking to watch knowing there was nothing I could do to stop her regression. I vowed, in my mother's memory, to help as many as I could to avoid a similar situation.Senior moments, we've all heard that phrase, what does it mean? As we get into our later years, our brains, like some of our other organs, don't function as efficiently as they did when we were younger. We misplace items, forget the names of people we know, and sometimes walk into a room and ask ourselves "what did I come in here for?" Those situations are what we call senior moments. We can minimize or even eliminate senior moments by taking a supplement called Phosphatidyl-Serine (PS). It's a molecule containing the amino acid serine and essential fatty acids located in virtually every cell membrane. During our younger years our cells had an abundance of PS, all we needed. As we get older, however, our PS levels decline. PS is important because it stimulates the area of the brain responsible for memory, concentration, vocabulary skills, and the ability to learn. PS also has the ability to alleviate the symptoms of dementia, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and the damaging results of stress. As of this writing, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease but PS helps ease some of the symptoms of the disease.

PS has a twin called Phosphatidyl-Choline (PC), It's also a brain boosting supplement which supplies the body with choline. PC is a major component of Lecithin which has proven to be a major memory enhancing supplement. Needless to say, the consumption of PC and PS combined would enhance ones memory potential considerably.Exercise has long been associated with brain connective function in senior citizens. But please don't wait until you are a senior citizen to start an exercise program. Do it now because exercise increases blood circulation to the brain and all areas of the body. If you have limited mobility, go for a walk. If you haven't exercised in a while, start slowly than increase the tempo gradually. If you are walking, try to walk briskly for 30 minutes 5 days a week.As we age we are consistently losing muscle mass. That is often an indirect cause of the many falls seniors experience. A senior can maintain, even increase, muscle mass through diet, supplementation, and weight training. If you decide to include weight training into your regiment, adding protein would definitely be a good idea. Protein not only enhances muscle mass but also contains much of the tissue of our internal organs. A good choice of your protein supplement should be Whey Protein.Whey Protein Promotes LongevityResearch has uncovered a disturbing fact with regards to our senior population. It seems as if 45% of our seniors in the general population and a disturbing 85% to 100% of our seniors in care facilities are malnourished. This is caused by poor appetite resulting from drug side effects and a variety of other serious but avoidable situations including patient abuse and patient neglect.Another contributing factor is an insufficient absorption of a high quality protein resulting in a reduction of muscle mass, a reduction of strength, decreased bone mass, delayed recovery from surgery, decreased immunity, and a host of other bodily malfunctions. A combination of these problems will inevitably lead to the ultimate senior problem, frailty. Whey protein can possibly prevent these problems. Whey is a high quality protein supplement highly recommended for the aging population. It has a rich source of Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to fortify protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown. Also Whey produces calorie restriction benefits. So how does this translate into terms of longevity? Today's life expectancy is 78.7 years. If a person were to start a Whey program at midlife, they can expect to add 9.5 years to their lifespan.Research has proven Whey to be superior to other protein supplements when it comes to the repression of the development of cancer cells. Further research has shown that Whey's tumor prevention capabilities are accompanied by its heightened glutathione levels accompanied by the component Lactoferrin which intensely inhibits tumor formation.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How Rebecca Lives An Amazing Life Well Into Her 80's

Getting old is a frightening prospect. Most of us worry we'll no longer be able to enjoy life and instead face one frustration after another. But it doesn't have to be that way. As many spunky and vital seniors testify, with the right attitude and a strategic approach to healthy living, your older years can be just as rich.Take Rebecca R. of San Antonio, Texas, for example..."I tell you, I'm amazing!" says Rebecca, chuckling to herself.And truly, there's no disputing this. As Rebecca describes - with a healthy dose of wonder in her voice - she defies all the gloomy predictions about getting older. Well into her 80's, she has a busy and active schedule. She plays bridge, walks every day, is active in her church and regularly gets involved in the activities organized at her retirement community.What's her secret?Rebecca attributes her good health to taking chlorella supplements and her belief in God."I thank that chlorella for my good health!" exclaims Rebecca. Since 2009, she's taken 15 chlorella tablets without fail every day. "I've just had my blood work done and my cholesterol is normal. My blood pressure is normal. My triglycerides are normal. Once in a while I may have a back ache. But at my age, who doesn't."As Rebecca has discovered, chlorella is great for all around health.· A pilot study in Japan revealed chlorella seems to help your body maintain normal cholesterol levels.[1]· When it comes to keeping your joints moving smoothly, a small clinical study has shown chlorella can help with minor pain and inflammation. [2]· And when it comes to immune health, numerous studies have demonstrated chlorella helps keep your internal defenses strong.[3]"I don't know the last time I've been sick. I live in Texas so I get some allergies occasionally. But the only operation I've had was a broken ankle."As she points out, most of her neighbors need the assistance of a cane, walker or wheelchair. Rebecca doesn't need any help. Instead she often helps push people's chairs into the dining room. And she walks for exercise every day.

In addition to lots of walking, Rebecca drives herself everywhere. And during the day, she doesn't need glasses to see where she's going. She only uses them to read.When people ask her how she manages to stay so vital, she shares with them her information about chlorella algae. "But I can't make them do it if they don't want to take it. It's unfortunate... "Rebecca knows what it's like to face off with health challenges. Though she never smoked, she developed COPD from second-hand smoke. And while in college she came down with Meniere's disease. With the loss of hearing this disease caused, she had to drop out of school for a year. But she didn't let that stop her. She went on to serve as an Air Force nurse. Well before Rebecca discovered chlorella and added it to her diet, her indomitable spirit helped her take on these challenges and live a full life.Rebecca's energy and enthusiasm for life continues to fuel her in her senior years and spills out as she talks. "They can't believe I'm this active at my age. When I look around me at other people slumped over or crippled at my age, I think I'm pretty amazing, too."As Rebecca demonstrates, your later years can be amazing. It's up to you. Simply by mixing a positive attitude with good nutrition and a fair amount of activity, you can cook up some golden years filled with joy.Sources:[1] Effect of long-term administration of chlorella tablets on hyperlipidemia, Jrnl. Of Japanese Soc. Of Nutr. And Food Science, 1990; 43(3): pp. 167-173.[2] Merchant RE et al. Nutritional supplementation with chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: A pilot study. Phytotherapy Research, 2000; 14: pp. 266-270.[3] Combination of Chlorella Consumption and Light Exercise Prevents Deterioration of Physical Strength and Immunity Due to Aging. Presented at the 10th General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (2010).

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Anti Aging Skin Care Secrets Revealed - Use Anti Aging Techniques To Look Younger In 30min!

It may sound impossible that there are simple anti aging skin care secrets available today that are able to make you look 5yrs younger in less than 30min, but amazingly it's actually true.When it comes to anti aging secrets and skin care there are 2 main points of discussion that need to be taken in to account: stem cell technology and lifting masques.Firstly, let's talk about the role your skin plays in the body and why these anti aging skin care secrets are important. lifting masques and just precisely what they are.Your SkinYour skin plays an important role in the body-it defends against viruses and bacteria; helps balance fluid and electrolyte levels; and contains nerve receptors that allow you to feel sensations such as cold or heat. Your skin is the first line of defence for your body and it's also the first thing that another person sees of you, so it's a very good idea to take care of your skin and the appearance of your skin.The way to do this is by adding a Lifting Masque to your routine.Lifting MasquesNow let's talk about precisely what these are. A Lifting Masque is applied to the face, left on for 15-20min and "peeled' off once the application is complete.A good quality Lifting Masque will combine invigorating antioxidants with natural, nutritional sugars to give you a skin-firming masque that beautifies and hydrates - even after it has been removed. The botanicals in the Masque bind to the skin's surface and produce an instant lift while distributing moisture fundamental to skin repair - in less than 30min.

The best quality ones will work by constructing a tridimensional matrix that continues to replenish after the masque has been peeled away, providing continuous nourishment. Using one regularly trains the skin to keep its lift while structurally contouring your face and sculpting it back to youthful perfection.When you combine a Lifting Masque with powerful anti aging stem cell technology, you truly have found the holy grail of anti aging skin care secrets.Stem Cell TechnologyStem cell technology has moved to the forefront when it comes to cosmetics and anti aging. More specifically than that, you want to look for products that are derived from Human Stem Cells. These products don't actually contain any stem cells in them, they contain the chemical compound that is found naturally in the human body that promotes stem cell repair and growth.The reason you want to look for cosmetic products derived from Human Stem Cells as opposed to those products that are derived from plant stem cells is that the active ingredients are generally found naturally in our own bodies, so there is no chance of rejection or reactions from them. With plant based products, this is not so true.Whichever way you look at it, a good Lifting masque is a crucial component to any serious anti aging skin care regimen.Rescue your skin from showing the damaging effects of aging.Yours in Freedom

Monday, September 22, 2014

Anti Aging Skin Care For Men - Should Men Care About Anti Aging As Much As Women?

Long gone are the days of the rough and tough looking man, with tough weathered skin and grissly stubble being the status quo. A transition in the mindset of society has led to the breed of a new man..the modern man..the metrosexual man.The metrosexual man takes care in his appearance and most likely has his own range of skin care products as well as his own anti aging routine. To metrosexual men it has an important role to play in their daily routines and they are more than comfortable promoting the fact that they "indulge" in personal care.This modern man is well aware that in today's world of the media-driven search for perfection, he too can have the anti aging benefits of skin care products long enjoyed by women. Breakthroughs in anti aging technology, such as the cultivation of compounds derived from adult human stem cells, is bridging the gap between the want to look younger and the costs to do so.There are products in the market that offer fantastic results from their cosmetic ranges, low price points and as a result for today's men skin care is not just "something that women use". Men are buying in to the "wanting to look 5yrs youger" genre... buying in massively!Whilst it is estimated that currently 70% of the $200b industry of cosmetics products sold worldwide are being sold to women, this has dropped from an estimated 90% 10yrs ago. What that means is that the percentage of men using cosmetics products for their anti aging benefits has tripled over the last decade. With this percentage rise expected to continue for many years to come, cosmetics companies are quickly targeting the growing market of metrosexual men looking for the next big thing in anti aging cosmetics.

Whilst also targeting men directly, cosmetics formulators are also coming up with products that are deemed unisex; meaning that they can be enjoyed by either men or women and have great results for both. This actually allows couples to follow the same anti aging routines as each other and work together to their common goals of looking younger and healthier.It is a known fact that people will actually spend 3 times more on how they look rather than on how they feel, and with today's new breed of free thinking, trend setting metrosexuals, the lines between what is deemed to be a female-dominated industry (such as cosmetic products and anti aging) are quickly becoming blurred.Today's men are looking younger, feeling better and becoming healthier and the health wellness and youthful aging industry can take much of the credit for this mindset shift from girls products vs boys products simply to adult skin care products.I for 1 am happy for this shift in mindset as it allows me to enjoy all the benefits of today's anti aging cosmetics products and keeps me looking fresh and healthy, especially as my skin endures a lot from the harsh Australian sun.Yours in Freedom

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Want to Be Fit and 50? Just Stretch and Clench!

I am often asked how I stay so fit and slim at 50. The answer of course is a mixture of genetics, lifestyle, diet and exercise. I may be lucky to a degree but if you look at most people that fit in that bracket, the reality is that they work at it.There is one element above all other however that has made a difference. I stretch and clench! I have done it from my teens, it now comes automatically and I don't give it a thought.So what is stretch and clench?It started after I left school, when the netball and cross country stopped and I noticed a big drop in my fitness level. Although naturally slim I noticed that my legs ached when I went upstairs and walked uphill. There was no denying I was losing fitness and tone in my legs, stomach and bottom. At the time 'callanetics' was all the rage, an exercise routine that involved small multiple repetitions of a muscle group. The craze was based on the premise that lots of small muscle contractions equalled one big one. The results seemed impressive even if it was incredibly tedious. Never the less I got into the habit of holding my stomach muscles in as I sat down in a boring job.The breakthrough came however when I discovered that I could stretch my leg muscles and clench my bum as I walked. Don't we all do that I hear you cry? The reality is 'no, we don't'. Try this out and feel the difference.Give it a trySet off walking normally, focus on how your legs, bums and stomach feel. Now hold your stomach in and stride out. Deliberately lengthen your stride so that you feel a big stretch along the front of each thigh. As each leg comes back clench your bottom hard, really squeeze. Once you have got the hang of it quicken your pace.

You may feel as though you are 'sashaying' a little but you can feel the difference that it makes and if you are walking fast enough your heart rate will rise.Speed walking burns more calories than joggingStudies undertaken at the University of Massachusetts revealed that 'speed or race walking' at high speeds burns more calories than jogging at the same pace. Seems hard to believe I know but race-walking was found to burn 120-130 calories per mile compared to 110-120 for jogging.Race walking also improves your upper body fitness too as you need to pump your arms to walk really fast. Keeping fit this way is much better for your knees and hips than running which is much higher impact. You can read more about the benefits of walking on the NHS website here.An ardent dog walker, I have walked this way all my adult life. It comes automatically now and I hate dawdling along with other people. My children have long joked that I walk as though I am trying to get a stick out of my bottom!Whatever it takes I say! If you want to be fit, 50 and still in your size 10 jeans then give it some thought.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aging Is a Treatable Disease

Live Healthy - Look Marvelous - Live LongerThere are actions you can, and should take today to dramatically improve your health, your appearance and your longevity. You can control 70% of the factors affecting your longevity; only 30% are controlled by genetics until very late in life when genetics become more controllingAlmost all of the effects of aging and the common diseases that come with aging are treatable, to at least some extent. The key is early detection and early treatment.Our understanding of the aging process is advancing rapidly. Some scientists believe that the first immortal human may be living today.In 1786, life expectancy was 24 years. Better diets and some medical innovations allowed it to double to 48 years in the next 100 years.Modern medicine has now increased life expectancy to over 76 years. Future medicine promises to increase it to over 100 years during our lifetime."Over half the baby boomers here in America are going to see their hundredth birthday and beyond in excellent health." says Dr. Ronald Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging. "We're looking at life spans for the baby boomers and the generation after the baby boomers of 120 to 150 years of age."The key to Live Healthy - Look Marvelous - Live Longer is to delay the diseases of aging so that when they do occur, it is very late in your life.The causes of aging are finally being understood. There are actions you can take today to take advantage of the recent medical developments. Dr. Rudman ran a series of tests on aging people and demonstrated that the effects of aging could be slowed and even reversed. He concluded: "The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable." The Causes of AgingAlmost all life on earth blossoms with youth, until it has reproduced and passed its genes on to the next generation. After that, the flowers wilt and die, and we humans began to age. Yes, we begin to age while we are still in our 20's.We age because the products of our metabolism, I.e., the "ashes" from the oxidation processes that produce energy in our cells, accumulate faster then our endocrine system can remove them. This is because most of the cleansing hormones that surged through our youthful bodies begin to decrease as we begin to age. Some of these more critical hormones have decreased by about 10 to 30% as we enter our 30's. The decreases become ever more dramatic as we enter successive decades of life. Most of our hormones have decreased by over 50% and some have been reduced to near zero as we enter our 70's. So we age. Our muscles and bones weaken; our reaction time slows; we lose our agility; all combine to make us more susceptible to accidents. Our immune system weakens and makes us more susceptible to disease. And we die.The Death ClockDr. Hayflick has shown that we have another cause of aging. He has shown that we have a built-in death date of about 120 years, if diseases or accidents do not get us earlier. The point at which our cells have divided a fixed number of times sets this death date. It has been termed the "Hayflick limit."Our cells divide to produce new cells to replace the old cells damaged by metabolic ash build-up, free radicals, toxins, and other wear and tear mechanisms. As the cells divide, the chromosomes split to provide chromosomes for the new cells. When the chromosomes split, they lose part of their telomeres - the genes at their ends that keep the chromosomes organized. After a certain number of splits, the telomeres wear away and become too short to keep the chromosome organized and therefore the cell dies without being able to replace itself.You can think of telomeres as analogous to the plastic bands on the ends of shoelaces. Telomeres hold the important DNA code intact, preventing it from fraying as the molecules replicate over time.

Resetting the Death ClockBut tests over the past few years have shown that the "Hayflick limit" can be extended by the use of an enzyme that causes the "organizing genes" at the ends of the chromosomes (the telomeres) to re-grow. This enzyme is called telomerase.Telomerase treatments on human cells in the laboratory have indicated that telomerase can make human cells immortal. Doctors and researchers involved in these treatments are reporting that it is their belief that death is not inevitable.Telomerase is actually an enzyme (a catalytic protein) that is able to arrest or reverse the telomere shortening process. The body produces telomerase when we are embryos in the womb to accommodate the very rapid growth of the embryo. But, unfortunately our bodies do not produce telomerase after birth except possibly for the creation of sperm.So for humans to extend life we must do two things: first, eliminate the oxidants and toxins in our foods and environment; and find a dietary or pharmaceutical method for increasing and preserving the length of our cells' telomeres.Promising Anti-Aging ResearchThere are many ongoing projects that promise to solve our problems of aging. One is from a team of South Korean scientists. They report that they have created a newly-synthesized molecule, named CGK733 that can make cells younger."All cells face an inevitable death as they age. On this path, cells became lethargic and in the end stop dividing but we witnessed that CGK733 can block the process," Prof. Kim Tae-kook reported. He further stated: "We also found the synthetic compound can reverse aging, by revitalizing already-lethargic cells. Theoretically, this can give youth to the elderly via rejuvenating cells."Kim expects that the CGK733-empowered drugs that keep cells youthful far beyond their normal life span would be commercialized in less than 10 years.Researchers at The Wistar Institute have defined a key target of an evolutionarily conserved protein that regulates the process of aging. The study provides fundamental knowledge about key mechanisms of aging that could point toward new anti-aging strategies and cancer therapies.Aging saps our strength and ability to enjoy life, cripples us, and eventually kills us. Tens of millions die from age-related conditions each and every year. Comparatively few people know that degenerative aging can be slowed with diet and lifestyle choices, medicines and nutracuetials.Comparatively few people are aware of the many serious scientific efforts, presently underway, aimed at understanding and intervening in the aging process - in order to one day reverse its effects.Your objective should be to have a healthy life and continue to live long enough to take advantage of all the medical advances and technologies now in development.Our health is determined by our genetics, our diets, and our past and current lifestyles. You can now optimize your current and future health by defining and taking medications, vitamins, and other supplements and treatments tailored to your specific health needs. The program to do this recognizes the validity of three basic themes:

The Future of Medicine is in Personal Tailoring

Preventative Medicine is Key

Aging is a Treatable Disease.
Your Anti-Aging Longevity PlanIt is strongly recommended that you get familiar with the latest anti-aging information and develop your personal Longevity Plan. The key to longer life is to detect any health issues as early as possible and take advantage of the available technology to address them. Time really is of the essence.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sagging Abdomen - What Are the Best Ways to Tighten Your Sagging Abdomen?

Having a sagging abdomen is caused by many factors. What you will learn after reading this article is that you can absolutely tighten and tone your sagging abdomen quickly, effectively, and quite easily in no time.You may have loose skin on your belly after losing weight. Or perhaps it's because you recently had a baby. Or it may be because of age, sun exposure, and even dehydration. Whatever your situation is, help is here.I understand how confusing it can be when all you want is results. There are many considerations and it can be quite overwhelming. You will benefit from something easy, quick, and effective.When you suffer from loose skin, your body is simply saying it needs assistance. Here's what happens: your skin loses collagen and elastin, as well as connective tissue that make it look soft, plump and youthful. When you provide your body and skin with exactly what it needs to perform at its best, you will end up looking amazing inside and out.When you have loose or saggy skin, you will benefit from the following:1. Alkalizing your body to fight aging
2. Slowing down the aging process and improving muscle mass
3. Tighten, tone, and firm your skin
4. Hydrating your skin to diminish cellulite
5. Restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin
6. Improving skin tone and texture for a smoother, younger appearance
7. Breaking down fat cells
8. Anti-inflammatory agents to improve overall skin appearance

When you help your body, you will reap the benefits in every aspect of your health and appearance. It's nearly impossible this day and age to consume exactly what our body needs to perform at its best. The result? Disease, lack of energy, headaches, saggy skin, excess weight, anxiety, and stress are just a few things that can happen.Helping your skin means taking action to get the results you are looking for. You have to do your part with your diet and lifestyle. It's essential to drink half your body weight in water each day to help your skin. It's also essential to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. When you do your part, the rest is up to optimal ingredients to get your skin tightened, toned, and firmed.There is no need to suffer from a saggy abdomen any more. It is time to take action and it is time to get results!Click the link below to tighten and tone your belly once and for all!SAGGY ABDOMEN SOLUTION!

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More Benefits of Exercise - It Can Improve Your Skin

The many benefits of exercise make it a no-brainer that everyone should do. From better overall health to more restful sleep, and importantly for so many people the part that it can take for weight loss should make the decision about exercise only as to which one you should take up. The biological effects of exercise on the body literally have an effect on humans from head to toe. But if that weren't enough exercise can actually make you look better. For those with some level of vanity, I'm sure now I have your interest.Skin health is directly related to blood circulation. When blood is flowing throughout the skin, constantly providing it with oxygen and nutrients and removing waste, it will remain vibrant, with good color and remain supple. Exercise will keep the blood flowing at optimal levels, and as a result the skin cells will remain healthy. Improper blood flow can eventually cause the skin to die.But exercise can go even further to provide a youthful look and maintain healthy aging. We are now finding that engaging in the right exercise can maintain tone in the skin similarly to keeping good muscle tone. As we age, our skin naturally sags because it loses a thin layer of fat under the surface. But by building a replacement layer of lean muscle mass it can support the skin and eliminate the skin sag. This also helps to eliminate that ugly cellulite that really causes that aging look.So along with a diet that supports lean muscle mass, the exercises you should be looking to do are the ones that promote lean muscle mass. Excessive cardio training is not considered the best for the skin and for that matter overall fitness. Long distance running and typical cardio training are now considered to be even harmful to our health.

This is because as more stress is placed on the body over long periods of time, a stress hormone called cortisol is produced. This begins to break down collagen in skin, which is a protein that holds the skin together, giving it its structure. We have found that a better way of working out is intense interval training because it has been found to be the more natural way the body responds to training.Short bursts of this intense training interspersed with bodyweight workouts will help you to challenge your muscles. Pushups, lunges, four-count squat thrusts and abdominal planks are great bodyweight exercises that need no equipment whatsoever. Various yoga routines such as Bikram Yoga are all-inclusive programs that tax the body and encourage flexibility and suppleness.Doing any of these exercises will be of no help to the individuals who do this training, of course unless they stay properly hydrated. The skin can get damaged quite quickly if you work out but don't drink the proper amount of water. And how do you know how much this will be? Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. You need to hydrate better if your skin does not spring back quickly.

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How To Keep Making Friends

The Royals have been gracing Australians with the pleasure of their company. The media love events like this. The press, magazines, and television coverage ensure that the focus is the guest's every move.The guests seem accustomed to living in a fishbowl, having their every action scrutinised by 'experts', and sharing their child with whomever shows any interest. The visitors are likely to be just as pleased as most OZ are when their tour is over.Having visitors, whether they pop-in uninvited or are expected, is good for us - as long as they don't stay too long, of course. The world is an increasingly busy place, so staying in contact is usually worth effort and time.We're not privy to the real reason for the visit, but let's suppose that they'd like to build a friendship. Friendships are relationships that develop over time. The Royals might become future friends - at the moment, the best they can hope for is relationship-building.Aristotle had a fair bit to say about friendships. He considered that there were three types of friendships - useful, pleasure-providing, or virtuous. Friendships for usefulness get us what we want; membership of an exclusive club, desired contacts, etc. Friendships for pleasure are those who are fun to be around. Friendships of virtue are those in which we are valued for ourselves. True, virtuous friends are not going to evaluate us according to worldly criteria; it's the core self that they're interested in. Oprah summed it up beautifully when she observed that many people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. Or as Cicero observed thousands of years ago, 'The shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends'.

The Royals, of course, may not have considered the type of friendship they're aiming for, or even if they agree with Aristotle's observations: time will tell, perhaps. One thing we do know is that they will have to work at it.We also know that friendships help us to live longer, better. Whether we call it a 'strategy' or not, we need to make sure that once a friend passes on (leaves or goes somewhere else, if you like) that he or she is replaced by someone else.William, Kate, and George can't be counted as friends, yet, but they have made the all-important first-step toward achieving Aristotle's virtuous-type.