Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Easy Lifestyle Tips for Maintaining Youthful Looking Skin

Great looking skin at any time of life begins with accepting that the environment, your lifestyle, climate and age are all going to have an impact, so be on the look-out for warning signs and do something about them as soon as you see them. In fact, start looking after your skin as early as possible.1. Develop and Use a Daily Routine for Cleansing and Moisturising.It's really important to create a daily routine to keep your skin clean and moisturised. A routine will acquaint you with the intimate details of your face, neck, hands and body so that you're better able to observe early-onset signs of aging.2. Focus on the eyes. And I don't mean the laugh lines!A sure give-away of age, is that things don't look quite right around the eyes. Your eyelashes and eyebrows start to thin and your eyelids may be become red. Fortunately there are thickening creams that can help your brows and lashes. Of course, you can have your eyelashes and eyebrows dyed; if you had dark lashes when you were younger, always go for a blue-black colour and go for a brown for your brows. If you're a blonde, it's brown all the way.3. Enjoy an Invigorating MassageThings slow down even when we don't want them to, so keep stimulating all those different bodily systems with a regular massage. Your lymphatic system needs a good shake up to keep your legs a nice shape (I mean who wants cankles? and what a revolting name it is!), while giving your circulation a helping hand brings lovely oxygen filled blood to your organs and skin.

4. Limit Sun ExposureWe've known for years now that the sun is the cause of untold misery when it comes to skin damage, not just nasty cancer type damage, but brown sun spots and premature wrinkling and aging too. Be sure to wear a high SPF sunscreen, especially on your face... and don't forget your hands! And remember, there are UVA and UVB rays bombarding you even on a dull day so don't forget the sunscreen, even in winter.5. Necessary Medications and Unnecessary Weight GainWatch out for symptoms that may be brought on by the need to take medication. If you have no option but to take the medication that can cause weight gain, you can compensate for some weight-gain side effects by making small changes to your diet, taking supplements or talking to your doctor about alternative drugs or different dosages; or even finding an original medicine alternative such as Naturopathy or Homeopathy, or even Chinese herbal medicine.Beyond these simple 5 steps you can take to maintaining and cultivating youthful skin, you can also consider the many wonderful new cosmeceuticals now available.Give yourself a mid-life make-over... When we were girls we wore make up to look older and more sophisticated. When we became women we wore make up to enhance our natural beauty, and now that we are women of a certain age, we wear make up to look more youthful, healthier and brighter...

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