Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Benefits of Exercise - It Can Improve Your Skin

The many benefits of exercise make it a no-brainer that everyone should do. From better overall health to more restful sleep, and importantly for so many people the part that it can take for weight loss should make the decision about exercise only as to which one you should take up. The biological effects of exercise on the body literally have an effect on humans from head to toe. But if that weren't enough exercise can actually make you look better. For those with some level of vanity, I'm sure now I have your interest.Skin health is directly related to blood circulation. When blood is flowing throughout the skin, constantly providing it with oxygen and nutrients and removing waste, it will remain vibrant, with good color and remain supple. Exercise will keep the blood flowing at optimal levels, and as a result the skin cells will remain healthy. Improper blood flow can eventually cause the skin to die.But exercise can go even further to provide a youthful look and maintain healthy aging. We are now finding that engaging in the right exercise can maintain tone in the skin similarly to keeping good muscle tone. As we age, our skin naturally sags because it loses a thin layer of fat under the surface. But by building a replacement layer of lean muscle mass it can support the skin and eliminate the skin sag. This also helps to eliminate that ugly cellulite that really causes that aging look.So along with a diet that supports lean muscle mass, the exercises you should be looking to do are the ones that promote lean muscle mass. Excessive cardio training is not considered the best for the skin and for that matter overall fitness. Long distance running and typical cardio training are now considered to be even harmful to our health.

This is because as more stress is placed on the body over long periods of time, a stress hormone called cortisol is produced. This begins to break down collagen in skin, which is a protein that holds the skin together, giving it its structure. We have found that a better way of working out is intense interval training because it has been found to be the more natural way the body responds to training.Short bursts of this intense training interspersed with bodyweight workouts will help you to challenge your muscles. Pushups, lunges, four-count squat thrusts and abdominal planks are great bodyweight exercises that need no equipment whatsoever. Various yoga routines such as Bikram Yoga are all-inclusive programs that tax the body and encourage flexibility and suppleness.Doing any of these exercises will be of no help to the individuals who do this training, of course unless they stay properly hydrated. The skin can get damaged quite quickly if you work out but don't drink the proper amount of water. And how do you know how much this will be? Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. You need to hydrate better if your skin does not spring back quickly.

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