Monday, September 22, 2014

Anti Aging Skin Care For Men - Should Men Care About Anti Aging As Much As Women?

Long gone are the days of the rough and tough looking man, with tough weathered skin and grissly stubble being the status quo. A transition in the mindset of society has led to the breed of a new man..the modern man..the metrosexual man.The metrosexual man takes care in his appearance and most likely has his own range of skin care products as well as his own anti aging routine. To metrosexual men it has an important role to play in their daily routines and they are more than comfortable promoting the fact that they "indulge" in personal care.This modern man is well aware that in today's world of the media-driven search for perfection, he too can have the anti aging benefits of skin care products long enjoyed by women. Breakthroughs in anti aging technology, such as the cultivation of compounds derived from adult human stem cells, is bridging the gap between the want to look younger and the costs to do so.There are products in the market that offer fantastic results from their cosmetic ranges, low price points and as a result for today's men skin care is not just "something that women use". Men are buying in to the "wanting to look 5yrs youger" genre... buying in massively!Whilst it is estimated that currently 70% of the $200b industry of cosmetics products sold worldwide are being sold to women, this has dropped from an estimated 90% 10yrs ago. What that means is that the percentage of men using cosmetics products for their anti aging benefits has tripled over the last decade. With this percentage rise expected to continue for many years to come, cosmetics companies are quickly targeting the growing market of metrosexual men looking for the next big thing in anti aging cosmetics.

Whilst also targeting men directly, cosmetics formulators are also coming up with products that are deemed unisex; meaning that they can be enjoyed by either men or women and have great results for both. This actually allows couples to follow the same anti aging routines as each other and work together to their common goals of looking younger and healthier.It is a known fact that people will actually spend 3 times more on how they look rather than on how they feel, and with today's new breed of free thinking, trend setting metrosexuals, the lines between what is deemed to be a female-dominated industry (such as cosmetic products and anti aging) are quickly becoming blurred.Today's men are looking younger, feeling better and becoming healthier and the health wellness and youthful aging industry can take much of the credit for this mindset shift from girls products vs boys products simply to adult skin care products.I for 1 am happy for this shift in mindset as it allows me to enjoy all the benefits of today's anti aging cosmetics products and keeps me looking fresh and healthy, especially as my skin endures a lot from the harsh Australian sun.Yours in Freedom

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