Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adjustable Beds - How They Help Your Health

Adjustable bedsFor those people that have ongoing back problems and other health issues it is always good to find a way of making life easier and whilst making life easier for daily tasks is a good start, many people forget that a lot of time is spent sleeping and this can also be improved. If the correct sleeping position is found then in can work wonders in helping to ease heath problems and pains.To help ease pain during sleep, an adjustable bed will help to change the sleeping position to one that offers comfort and relief. To do this an adjustable bed allows the incline or decline of the head or legs to find the most suitable position.An adjustable bed offers versatility and when it is set up correctly the bed can be shaped so that it best fits the shape of the body helping to ease back pain and other issues. This can help those people that suffer with sciatica which is a problem where a nerve is trapped in the back, by offering support to the lower back. Setting the bed up into an incline position helps to lessen the pressure on the back which is caused by compression which means that further damage to the back will be prevented.Other sleeping related problems such as snoring and sleep apnoea can also be helped by using an adjustable bed. When the windpipe closes during sleep it causes snoring, and this is often caused by the weight of the neck restricting the space within the windpipe that the air passes through, resulting in the snoring sound. With a slight adjustment in the sleeping position to an upright position, the weight of the neck is shifted downwards and not onto the windpipe, this will result in a better nights sleep for all. Adjustable beds are important for those with sleep apnoea, which is a condition that causes an individual to stop breathing at certain intervals throughout the nights. This has a huge impact on the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep that an individual has but it is also extremely dangerous. By altering the position using an adjustable bed, it can help in the same way as it does with snoring, especially those who suffer with obstructive apnoea.

Digestion problems often occur at night, and this is made worse by laying flat and sleeping in that position. By adjusting the bed to an upright position it helps aid digestion and the processing of foods but it is never a good idea to go to bed on a full stomach. An upright sleeping position will help ease the pain caused by acid reflux which is the stomach acid moving back up the oesophagus and can be extremely painful.For those people who suffer with swollen limbs an adjustable bed will allow the limbs to be elevated to a level higher than the heart so that the fluid has a better chance of draining away. The same effect can be achieved using pillows but they often get lost during the night which is why an adjustable bed is more beneficial.

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