Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anti Aging Techniques and Skin Care - Fact of Science or Marketing Fiction?

So the question on everyone's lips at the moment seems to be "Can skin care and cosmetics really make you look 10yrs younger?"Before we dive in to that question, we need to briefly look at the reasons behind why people age. By doing this, we can then look at the facts that drive the anti aging claims.As we get older in life, lifestyle factors cause damage to the chromosomes in our cells which in turn cause the cells to deteriorate and eventually die. However, before they die our cells replicate thousands of times. The problem with a damaged cell replicating is that they create and exact replica of themselves, so they create another impaired cell with damaged chromosomes. This form of cellular degeneration and replication is what we call aging.The most noticeable form of aging comes from our skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin itself forms an important function for our bodies as a protective barrier to the elements. These lifestyle factors and cellular degeneration deplete the skins natural stores of collagen and elastin, which gives our skin the smooth, firm texture associated with a healthy appearance.Do you know what the top 5 causes of aging are? According to research, the top 5 causes of aging are:1) Sun exposure
2) Smoking
3) Diet
4) Pollution
5) StressMost of us will suffer from 1 or more of these causes. Most cosmetic skin care products "work" by providing a protective layer over your skin to defend from these free radicals. These skin care products are more reactive, in that they can't actually make you look younger, they simply protect your skin from future damage to an extent, which in turn slows down cell deterioration. The end result, is a slowed aging appearance rather than an anti aging effect.

So can skin care products really reverse the signs of aging from all of these lifestyle factors"?The simple answer is Yes!.The secret to anti aging through skin care lies in our adult stem cells. These stem cells can become any cell that they are "told" to become by other cells around them. The way the cells "talk" is via a chemical compound known as growth factors. In basic terms, these Growth Factors allow cells to communicate with and repair other cells around them.So how does this relate to cosmetics?Well these growth factors can be harvested in labs and put in to the best skin care products on the market. This gives our skin cells more of the naturally occurring chemical compound that allows them to "communicate" with each other, repair each other and not only halt the cellular degeneration, but actually reverse it..In basic terms, a truly anti aging skin care product with this technology can reverse the aging process and actually make you appear younger. Your skin will naturally regenerate itself and have lasting effect against the aging process.Of course, there are always ways to change your lifestyle habits to ensure that we give our skin a better chance of aging naturally, however, if you're like me and would prefer to give your skin a helping hand then there true anti aging skin care products available in the market that actually practice what they preach.Yours in Freedom

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