Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips - A Cosmetic Physician's Guide To Healthy Skin Care

Back when we were growing up as kids, we spent most of our childhoods wishing that we were older. As a kid, I remember getting a bit of a buzz when someone would have a guess at my age and they guessed a number that was a few years older. As we get older however, that thought process starts to shift and we no longer like to look older, even going through drastic cosmetic surgeries in some cases to reverse the signs of aging.There are many alternative options available today instead of costly cosmetic surgeries which are far less invasive. The alternative treatments are nowhere near the cost of full cosmetic surgery and can also provide long term results.I have listed below some tips and hints (including some from a world renowned Cosmetic Physician, who has over 20yrs experience in cosmetic surgery in Hollywood and all around the world):- Since UV radiation depletes the skin of antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E, it is beneficial to use products that contain those vitamins. Oils and serums can sit on the skin more effectively than cream because a cream's main ingredient is water (causing rapid evaporation of the product).- Fractional lasers release controlled energy into the skin and stimulate it to respond and build more collagen and elastin, thus improving skin integrity. There are intense laser techniques which can take up to 10 days to fully recover and see the benefits and there are gentler laser techniques which require less down time.- The e-Dermastamp is a device with 6 needles on a rotating head. It is clinically proven to induce collagen and reduce scarring. The treatment usually takes around 1.5 hours and inflammatory last between 12 to 24 hours on average.

The New & Improved Non-Surgical TechnologyNow, many Anti Aging professionals agree that while there is still definitely a market for cosmetic surgery today, and there probably always will be, thanks to breakthroughs in certain technologies, anti aging and skin care can now be achieved by everyday people who can't afford expensive surgeries, or who would like alternatives to injecting harsh poisons like Botox into their bodies.He says that specific breakthroughs in stem cell technology have seen some quantum leaps in skin care and cosmetics with respect to anti aging. Cosmetic products have been able to include these technologies in to particular product ranges and have seen some amazing results from the products that contain these compounds (compounds that are produced by adult human stem cells).It is important in this day and age that we continue to inform ourselves of all of the options available before making any decisions that affect our health or appearance. Where once "anti aging" meant that a patient would need to go under the knife or inject harsh poisons into their body to get the desired anti aging effect, now we are using far more non-surgical options than ever before for people wishing to start their own anti aging regime.Anti aging skin care technology is fast catching up to cosmetic surgery in maintaining long term desired results, and that is a great place to be if you are a consumer.Yours in Freedom

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