Friday, August 29, 2014

Look Vibrant and Youthful: Combat Ageing Skin

Skin ages and that is something that cannot be prevented. When a woman reaches the age of 50, chances are, there will be fine lines and sagging skin from your face down to your body.When you are still in your 20s, you may not think much about wrinkles because your skin is still supple and very youthful. When you reach your 30s, when lines start showing around the eyes, you may think it's normal; and indeed it is. At 40s, you will start to worry because the fine lines start to increase in numbers and you notice more and more changes in your facial skin as well as the rest of your body.This is the time when you will start to realize that the youthful skin in your 20s has completely abandoned you. Do not despair though as there are things that you can do and products that you can use to stop the progress of ageing skin.How Ageing Skin StartsFirst though, it is better to know why skin ages, and why some people experience it early on as well as why some seem to be unaffected by it.Excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of premature ageing skin. Therefore, if you are constantly outside, then there is a big chance that your skin will lose collagen earlier than necessary. The same result happens if you smoke, drink and is constantly stressed out. You need to understand that your age is actually not the reason why your skin ages; it is actually more of how you treat your skin.Without proper treatment, your skin starts losing its natural glow because of collagen loss, which will eventually result to dry and dull skin.Prevention Versus RepairYou need to understand that it is easier to prevent future damages than to repair what's already there. If you truly want to stop premature ageing skin, you need to start as early as you can.The good news is that you have the capacity to put the brakes on such occurrences and return your skin into its former glory.

Protect yourself from the harmful sunrays. This is one of the most valuable things to keep in mind. If you need to go out when the sun is up, make sure that an umbrella, a hat and a dose of sunscreen or sun block cream protects you.

You actually should wear sunscreen rain or shine. Use SPF 40 sunscreen every day will give your skin that much needed protection. You need to understand that even during winter, the sun's rays can still do damage, and it only takes 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to damage your skin, so protect your skin all year round.

Stop smoking. This is the best thing you can do for your skin. The skin of a long time smoker tends to be as wrinkly as a crumpled paper, and that is not an exaggeration. The first lines usually appear in the late 20s and visible above the mouth due to constant lip pursing. The reason why smoking is considered as the second major cause of ageing skin is that nicotine is responsible in constricting the blood vessels that result in decreased oxygen flow to the skin.

Treat your skin to a facial treatment once a week. You can use a commercially available product or you can go all natural by concocting a homemade facial scrub solution. Usually, a facial treatment takes only half an hour, and the methods include skin cleansing and exfoliation with a facial scrub. You can also use a hydrating mask then follow up with a quick steam and then moisturize. Salon facial treatment is of course recommended as well.

Moisturize every day. This is another beneficial thing to do. A good way to do this is to moisturize while your skin is still damp to lock the moisture effectively.

You can also use retinoid-based products every day. Retinoid proves to be a good agent that can effectively erase years from the face. As dermatologists claim, retinoid lotion is that one anti-ageing product that actually works.
Finally, love your skin if you want it to stay healthy and glowing. Avoid being stressed too much. Smile a lot and laugh whenever possible. Simply put love in your life and enjoy even the simplest things it offers you.

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